A vote for Mike O'Reilly is a vote for Yes. "Yes" to the Recreation Master Plan, "Yes" to public safety, "Yes" to affordable housing and "Yes" to a strong and vibrant economy. 
Recreation Master Plan

*Recreational facilities are a core service that our residents demand, deserve and need.  

* The RMP has been adopted by council to continue providing high quality recreation for our citizens and to maintain our reputation as Canada's Tournament Capital. 

* I believe the city needs to work on a strategy to fund the RMP in a purposeful and timely manner.

Neighbourhood Safety

* When a resident calls with a safety concern in their neighbourhood, they deserve a timely response. I will support an increase in CSO officers that will allow for a faster response.

*I will work with the provincial government to create a buffer zone between where the province sets up supportive housing units and  residential neighbourhoods.

Housing For Everyone

* Different people have different housing needs. We need to make sure we are offering all types of new homes in Kamloops, not just apartments. Single family homes, townhouses, rowhouses, and mobile home parks all need to be considered when developing housing in Kamloops.




*I will continue my support of getting RCMP staffing numbers to a point where they can respond quickly and efficiently when needed. Having a full allotment of officers will allow for quick response times and foot patrols of our core business areas including Downtown, North Shore, Valleyview and Sa-hali.


* CSO officers can play a key roll in reducing crime on our city. At half the cost of an RCMP member I will support hiring more CSO  officers to help the RCMP in their fight on crime


Building Permits and Applications

*When someone wants to open a business in Kamloops, or renovate their home, they have made a decision to invest in Kamloops. When citizens submit an application, they deserve a quick response and timely processing

*Delays and frustrations in permit applications are often due to incomplete applications. I support hiring someone to work with applicants to ensure their paperwork is properly completed - this will reduce back-and-forth time between staff and the applicant and help expedite permits.

Affordable Housing




* Seniors and families in Kamloops are getting squeezed out of the housing market and our municipality needs to be  a part of the solution


* I believe the city should do a land inventory of city-owned properties and become one of the players at the table to help provide affordable housing solutions.


* The provincial government is one of the largest vacant landowners in the City of Kamloops. The city should work with the province to unlock land they own throughout the city to be used for housing.   


Climate Change

*I will support the climate action plan when other levels of government have contributed grants.

* I will support climate change mitigation projects to protect our residents and their futures.



 *I will support the search for new direct flights to Edmonton, Victoria, Toronto and Sun Destinations. 

* In 2006 the City of Kamloops supported and lead a community initiative dubbed "Kamloops Wants Westjet". This was seen as a key reason that Westjet started flying to YKA. I would be supportive of running a similar attraction campaign for Las Vegas, Seattle, Toronto and Mexico.


* Business can be done anywhere in the world and we need to roll out the red carpet for businesses that want to invest in our city.

* Due to restrictive policies in the City of Kamloops business are choosing to do business in the Kamloops area but outside of municipal boundaries. Business locating outside of our borders are bleeding our tax base while still requiring the city to provide services. This "bleeding" of our tax base is causing our residents to have higher tax increases to make up the business tax shortfall. 


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